Sunflower Fatty Acids

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Buy sunflower fatty acids wholesale
Buy wholesale sunflower fatty acids

Sunflower fatty acids are obtained as a side product of sunflower seed processing in production of refined sunflower oil. It is a complex mixture of organic acids, including linoleic, oleic, and other acids naturally contained in sunflower oil. Fatty acids are an industrial product that requires further processing and are most commonly used as an ingredient for formula feed supplement production.

Sunflower Fatty Acids represents an indispensable component widely used for the feed compounds. We supply GMP+ certified and technical fatty acids.

They are used In industry as an ingredient in formulations. Fatty acids, isolated from oil and salmiac soapstocks, are used directly in soap making, as well as for the production of glycerin and stearin.

Fatty acids are registered as food additive E570 as a foam stabilizer, glaze and antifoaming agent.

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